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Gregory W. Dyson, Chairman/Treasurer
105 Sunset Blvd.
Beaufort, SC 29907

Judge Fulp has presided over hundreds of cases in all areas of the Probate Court’s jurisdiction, from basic estate administration to the most complex litigation, including will contests, heirs determination, paternity and common-law marriage actions, land partitions, elective share claims, trust litigation, competency proceedings and other matters. He has the education, legal and judicial experience, and proven ability to preside over these cases professionally, fairly, and compassionately, and to handle the Court’s heavy caseload and myriad administrative responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

He has implemented a number of measures which have enhanced the Court’s ability to provide effective and timely service to the public and increase the public’s access to Court services through information technology. He is actively supporting statewide efforts to develop an e-filing system for the Probate Courts, similar to that being implemented in the Circuit Courts. He has greatly increased and regularized the use of the Court’s Hilton Head Island courtroom for hearings – a real time and cost saver for lawyers and clients south of the Broad River. Despite exponential caseload increases in recent years, he has done all this without requesting increases in the Court’s budget.

He has worked effectively with the multiple agencies involved in the mental health/chemical dependency commitment process (treatment agencies, hospitals, law enforcement, social services, SC Department of Mental Health, and others) to ensure that people get the treatment they need, so that they may lead safe and productive lives and stay out of the criminal justice system. He started conducting regular meeting with all involved agencies in 1999 as Associate Probate Judge, as well as in-service training sessions on the commitment process, which have fostered better cooperation and coordination among agencies in providing needed services, and he continues to do so.

He helped draft and obtain enactment of major amendments to the Probate Code in 2013, as part of the statewide Probate Code Revision Committee, and he is currently working to implement extensive legislative amendments to the Probate Code provisions governing guardianships and conservatorships for person under disability, which take effect January 1, 2019. These amendments will ensure better due process protections for individuals alleged to be incapacitated, reduce over-restrictive guardianships, lower the costs of proceedings, and improve monitoring of guardians and conservators.

Judge Fulp continues to work at the county and statewide level as Probate Judge, President of the South Carolina Association of Probate Judges, and as a member of the Probate Court Advisory Committee – to make further improvements in the probate system, process and governing laws.